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Robert Herjavec Net Worth: $ 200 Million

Robert Herjavec is currently a Croatian-Canadian businessman, investor, tv personality and also the originator of all both “The Herjavec Group” a fast-growing security computer software firm that has grown from three employees in 2003 to 150 workers as on 2013.

Know net worth of Robert Herjavec 20 17

Herjavec comes with an estimated net worth of about $200 million of Jan 2017. He set BRAK Systems and ten decades after he offered it to &T for a reported number of CDN $30.2 million. Afterwards, Hervajec maintained he managed to market BRAK System for its US $150 million. Following the purchase of this BRAK System, he started plateful since Vice President of the Internet Security. ‘The Herjavec Group (THG)’ that were 400K in 2003 climbed to more than 125 million in 2012. The company has significantly shrunk around $500 million in earnings in the previous ten decades and will be Canada’s leading IT security supplier.

Robert’s Job

His first career was correlated with movies where he served behind the camera from several production personalities. Afterwards he instructed that an inaugural at a pc startup known as ‘Logiquest’, which was able to exchange IBM mainframe simulation boards. Though he had been under-qualified to the place, he triumphed shield a project for himself by entry to perform for free to the first six weeks to gross his remain. He finally ends to be the General Manager of both all Logiquest. He chose to market other technology firm to Nokia for about 225 million. Along with becoming a profitable businessperson, he’s also a main television character. He also topographies in 2 nationwide types of ‘Dragons’ Den’, one in Canada on the CBC TV show ‘Dragons’ Den’, also in America about the ABC show ‘Shark Tank’. He’s also the novelist of 2 bestselling titles, ‘Driven: The Way to Succeed in Business and Life’ (2010) and also ‘The Will to Win: Major, Competing, Succeeding’ (2013).

The Historical life of robert

Robert was Created in Varadin, Socialist Republic of Croatia, Yugoslavia on 14 September 1962. After he was eight, his family moved to Canada. Back in 1970, the household dwelling in Halifax, Nova Scotia on-board the ‘Cristoforo Colombo’. They eventually settled in Toronto in which they lived from the vaulted flat of a family friend’s house for two months. He jumped from New College in the University of Toronto, using a gradation in science fiction and political science. To backing up the family , he chose to a diversity of low-income jobs like waiting tables, distributing papers and advertising and advertising and advertising earnings.

Early in my career someone told me “find something that works and stay with it” .. while this is good advice, it doesn’t…

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Existence of Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec is married to Diane Plese. Plese is a optometrist. The couple wed at a church. The couple has two brothers called as Skye Herjavec along with Caprice Herjavec along with a boy called Brendan Herjavec respectively.

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