Robert Downey Jr Bio, Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Son, Brother, Daughter

Robert Downey Jr.. Net Worth: $250 Million

Robert John Downey Jr. is a very renowned American singer and actress. He’s famed for his shining acting in ‘Chaplin’, the first model of ‘Tony Stark’ at ‘Iron Man’. For 3 decades Downey topped the ‘ Forbes’ record of Hollywood’s highest-paid celebrities, which makes an estimated $80 million in earnings between 2014 and 2015. He surfaced as the going character in the movie Chaplin which he got a nomination for the Academy Award for the Best Actor and won him the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Downey also joined the cast of the TV show ‘Ally McBeal’ where he got a Golden Globe Award. Downey started representing the Use of Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man at the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Robert Downey Jr.. Career

Downey played musical ‘American infantry (1983)’ and has been led to be part of ‘Saturday Night Live’. He participated in diversion the function of ‘Charlie Chaplin’ from the film. He organized lengthily because of his character and triumphed to get an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA Award for this. He’d lucrative theater such as: ‘Heart and Souls (1993)’,” ‘Modes (1993)’,” ‘Just You (1994)’,” ‘Richard III (1995)’,’ ‘Two Girls and a Guy (1998)’ along with also ‘White and Black (1999)’. Earning from the movie, Richard III had been 50,000. Downey did a psychological murder puzzle known as ‘In Dreams’, where he strolled with Annette Bening. Following his release from prisonhe joined the drop of an American lawful comedy-drama television series called ‘Ally McBeal’ where he had been nominated for an Emmy Award and also won a Golden Globe. Back in 2001, he obtained the escorted the part in ‘The Singing Detective’ Downey failed a paranormal thriller ‘Gothika’ together with Halle Berry. Downey did leading and beneath position in films such as ‘Good Night, and Great Luck’. He did lucrative theater which made him well-known from the sector: ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005). Downey gave his chief main runaway success strikes such as: ‘Tropic Thunder’, an activity. He starred in the film ‘Iron Man’ where he played the memorable and idiosyncratic function of ‘Tony Stark’ along with also his projected salary out of Iron Man was 500,000. He came to perspective in drama movie known as ‘The Soloist’. In addition, he acted in the British-American action puzzle picture, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ making by the film was 9 million. Bracing his job of ‘Tony Stark’ from the movie ‘Iron Man two ‘ at 2010,” Downey again turned into part of this Marvel studios movie job and he made a net of $10 million in the film. The film was printed in 54 states and nearly $623.9 million. ‘Sherlock Holmes:’ A Game of Shadows’, also a continuance of ‘Sherlock Holmes (2009)’ premiered in 2011 and that he left a gross profit of $15 million. ‘The Avengers’ film premiered, which assisted him to earn a net worth of about $50 million. Still another ‘Iron Man’ ‘ film third component ‘Iron Man 3’ ‘ premiered in 2013 where he made a gross profit of $50 million.

Robert Downey Jr.. Particular Life

Robert Downey Jr. Married to singer and actress Deborah Falconer at 1992. They’ve a boy. They wrapped in 2004. He’s also detained for many times on several different events on behalf charges. He’s also delivered to the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison for 3 Decades. They have one son called Exton Elias Downey.

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