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Rick Lagina’s net worth: $ 1million

American TV character RicK Lagina is a former US Postal employee. Lagina has attained a shocking net worth of net worth of more than $1 million up to now. His estimated yearly salary is 500,000. Significantly, fans greatest know Lagina for emerging in the Background reality collection, ” The Curse of Oak Island. ” After his morning ‘ fantasies to go treasure hunting at the mystical Isle, Rick has earned tens of thousands of followers on the way.


Born and raised at Kingsford, Northern Michigan, Rick was Created into the parents George Lagina along with Ann Cavalieri. Growing up, he also gained attention after studying a well-researched dilemma of Reader’s Digest roughly “The Oak Island Mystery” in 1965. Afterwards, he and his brother, Marty, came up with “The Curse of Oak Island” after cooperating with the Prometheus Entertainment. In reality, the active participation of Rick and Marty Lagina from the tv reality show has caused millions of audiences. No wonderthe research-based and technology-led treasure hunting series has enjoyed high evaluations. Certainly the Oak Island mystery was strong enough to alter the life span of the brothers.


From the television reality show, the brothers attempt innovative strategies to follow the 200-year-old buried paintings on Oak Island off the shore of Nova, Scotia, Canada. They are frequently accompanied with a international consultancy of specialists and contemporary technology.

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