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Mohamed Bensalah’s net worth: $800-million

Mohamed Bensalah is a business tycoon and philanthropist. Additionally, his present estimated net worth is $800 million. But he’s the chairman and CEO of Groupe Holmarcom, a Moroccan holding firm based on Mohamed’s daddy. Aside from Bensalah, his mom and three sisters also hold various places within Groupe Homarcom. Later in 1993, Mohammed succeeded his late dad Abdelkader because of chairman and CEO of both Holmarcom GROUP. However, Mohammed was just 23 years old when he succeeded his dad

Mohamed at Morocco, net worth, 20 17

Likewise, he had been among the wealthiest men in Morroco. Hence, we’ve recorded him at our “2017’s Popular Men at Morocco” listing. In summary, he stands 5th at our strongest listing with the estimated net worth of $800 million. Additionally he beat former prime minister Abdelilah, that has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Similarly, he arrived from other powerful figures like Aziz Akhannouch along with Annas Sefrioui. Because of this, we mention the king that the wealthiest person in Morrocco.

Additional Engagements

Moreover, Bensalah also Functions as the President of the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance (FMSAR). Likewise, He’s a Member of the Board of Managers of those (CGEM) General Confederation of Enterprises of all Morocco. Moreover, He’s also part of the Mohammed VI Foundation, Alaouite Foundation, BMCI Bank, CHI lender, (CIMR), MUTANDIS, along with “Economic, Social and Environmental Council. ”

Personal Lifestyle and Training

The company tycoon was created in the calendar year 1970 at Morocco, Berkane. Founded in Morocco, he moved to France because of his higher studies. Ultimately, in Francehe also completed a Masters degree in finance and management at Sorbonne University and the faculty of management at Paris, I’Ecole des Cadres de Paris. Mohammed Bensalah is a happily married guy. Additionally he shares two children along with his spouse.

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