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Jose Aldo’s Net Worth: $4.5 million

The mad Brazilian accumulated the net worth of 4,777,500 at 2015. While he profit $3,675,000 at 2014 and $2,730,000 at 2013. Beginning to fight in the very modest age, he’s always been a fighter. Growing up at the road of Brazil playing soccer, he’s got the record of being hammered by older children. Practicing to guard from the other people and joining the fitness center in the age, he began to fight by age seven while he made success by age 18. Engaging in variety of subjects, he holds multiple awards and honors in his entire life. At the opposite, he also holds the list of Undefeated at WEC (8-0) followed closely by the majority of successive wins in WEC background (8), Knockout of this Night three occasions, two successful title defense along with WEC Featherweight Champion. Coming towards UFC, he’s won UFC Featherweight Championship twice. Likewise, he’s won Interim UFC Featherweight Championship and won the Battle of the Night awards for 3 occasions. The thriving fighter profit immense respect and fame in the struggle against Conor McGregor. Getting effective to guard the names initially, and being undefeated in 18 struggles, he dropped the game in only 13 minutes through knockout in first round. Though, he dropped the name, but the entire game brought tremendous amount of money although it also received enormous pay-per-view. Right now, he maintain #5 at official UFC pound-for-pound ranks followed by #1 at 2015 and Number 2 featherweight on earth.

The Individual life of jose Aldo

In accordance with WEC General Manager Reed Harris, Jose has difficulty growing up since he had been really poor. Alive and growing up at the gym, he’d enormous quantity of inspiration and private desire to become something good and magnificent. The not giving up Jose has powerful spot in UFC and MMA. Getting powerful enough, he has everything that which he search out the maximum in his lifetime. Coming towards his dating standing, Jose is wed to Vivianne Pereira who function himself as purple belt at jiu-jitsu, and it has fought in Muay Thai. The pair urged their first girl Joanna at 2012.

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