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John Lineker’s net worth: $ 1million

John Lineker (John Lineker dos Santos de Paula) is a literary combined martial artist having the estimated net worth of about $ 1 million. Paula now competes at the bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and will be the prior Jungle Fight Bantamweight Champion. The winner gathered $999,250 because his net worth for the year 2015. While he had been successful to acquire the amount of 768,654 at 2014 and $571,000 at 2013.

Historical MMA Livelihood

Before coming large, he’s fought the different promotional battle within his native territory Brazil. Including Samurai FC, Shooto Americas, also Jungle Fight. Similar to a real monster, He’s the prior Bantamweight Champion and also Nitrix Fights 2011 Bantamweight Grand Pix Champion. Lineker left his MMA debut from the calendar year 2008 and struggled with lightweight and featherweight divisions. He fought 11 struggles where he had been successful to profit 6 wins and five losses. But prior to building a introduction and also the stranger at 2010, he stayed undefeated in 13 bouts.

Final Fighting Championship Jobs

The news hit on the net from the December 2011 because of his registering and rival in UFC flyweight division. The beginning was flourishing for John because he made his very first ditch of the Night honors. He also made his debut Louis Gaudinot, following two round of activity bunch fight. Lineker preferences his first reduction via specialized submission. Lineker next bout was contrary to Yasuhiro Urushitani in UFC on petrol TV 6 to November 10, 2012. Following the strong 3 rounds, the Lineker large predator was sufficient to shoot Yasushior down. He won his very first UFC game via unanimous choice. The monster enthusiastically conquered Azamat Gashimov in UFC on FX8 through TKO in the next round. The winner came to limelight because he chased his burden for 126-pound weight from promotional novice Jose Maria. Filling up the competition pocket along with his 20 percent, he shifted into some 129 pound catchweight event. Following a stunning back and on round, John conquered the novice by TKO in the next round. He missed the burden for his next time and confronted Phil Harris in UFC Fight Night 30. Although he won the game through TKO, he afterwards had to choose re-assess weight course. The thriving fighter missed his burden from Ian McCall in UFC 183. Causing the nice of 30 percent from his handbag. Although he won the battle via unanimous choice, he was later made to move upward in Bantamweight division.

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