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Adam Savage Net Worth: $8 Million

Adam Whitney Savage, born 1967 July 15 th, is a American influences designer, teacher, performer, and television personality. He’s got an estimated net worth of more than $8 million. His estimated yearly salary/income is 1 million. Adam’s fans greatest known him to get his version work in hit films like Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones, The Matrix Reloaded, and Bicentennial Man. Similarly, folks also understand him as a co-host of tv show, “MythBusters” along with “Unchained Reaction. ” Additionally, he’s an editor and contributor in

Historical Days

Although he Had Been born in New York , he grew up at Sleepy Hollow at Westchester County, New York. The multipurpose persona graduated from Sleepy Hollow High School in 1985. His mom had been a psychologist, and his own dad was a filmmaker and performer. Before he started his professional careerhe appeared in a variety of commercials, music videos, along with other onscreen endeavors. From the age 19, he’d gained the understanding of graphic design and helper cartoon in New York. He afterwards worked in theatres, doing cartoon and performing particular consequences.

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Being in the market for quite a while, Adam successfully appreciated different roles in his career including celebrity, public speaker, programmer, projectionist, tv celebrity, radios, picture designer, set designer, toy designer, gallery owner, and animator.

Private Life

Adam Savage tied his marriage knot together using Julia Ward at 2002. But he’s twin sons out of his previous relationship. The joyful family now resides in San Francisco. Savage is the atheist

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